5 Facts About ME

  1. My husband and I knew we were right for each other when we watched a horribly politically incorrect SNL satire in college and laughed hysterically while everyone else in the room sat in appalled and shocked silence.
  2. I have two children, Maddox and Jessica, and they are smart, kind, and funny. They are as weird as their mother, and intuitively understand math and music like their father, respectively. They were also born after the year 2000, so technically I was born in another century, which I’m sure I’ll hear about later.
  3. There are 2640 books in my library on this twelfth day of October in the year of our Lord, two thousand and seventeen. I am going to read them all. And then reread some of them. All recommendations are welcome.
  4. I’m a freelance WordPress web developer. I like my clients and working through the logic problems, as well as the flexible schedule and coding on the couch while the dog snoozes next to me and hogs the pillows.
  5. Before I die, I want to become a ninja, speak another language fluently, and dance ON the beat for a whole song. And of course, take over the world.