World Dominators in Modern Life

Casey Neistat

Lately, Jon has been watching Casey Neistat, a vlogger from New York City who eats Carpe Diem Crunch for breakfast. I was initially put off by the overwhelming confidence that Casey projects in his videos, but have to admit that I like his energy and admire his fearlessness. Watching glimpses of his daily life reminds me of that movie Limitless, based on the book by Alan Glynn – you feel like he is fully engaged with living and there is always something going on: a place to go, a piece of technology to unwrap, a new person to interact with.


Jon also introduced me to the genius of Lin Manuel Miranda via the musical Hamilton. Guilty pleasure – I like coding to the first act. It’s upbeat, fast-moving, and embraces working harder and smarter to get things done. Away from the musical character, I also follow Lin Manuel Miranda on Twitter – he consistently starts and ends the day with something funny, positive, or supportive to his friends, all the while maintaining the humble sincerity than makes him so likable.

levi-price The Universe

I don’t often contemplate the nature of the universe – there’s always another book to read or a game to play with the kids or a new project to plan. But, our lives are an hourglass, and we only get a certain amount of time. That’s a guarantee – no one has ever cracked this problem and all we can do is find something meaningful to do in the time that we have. While they are very different people, both Casey and Lin do the impossible with regularity and inspire others while they do it.

Indian Echo Caverns

For my part, I am frequently inspired by my husband. He is always trying something new in a careful, thought-out way that increases the probability of success, or suggesting that we take the kids to interesting places that they’ll remember – like a guided tour of a cavern 90 feet under the ground, or to my sister’s farm to run around with cousins and dogs and horses, or to Boston to get a feel for the city as well as the suburbs we live in. He is always learning more, testing it to see if it works for him, and rolling it into our lives if it does, to make things just a little more convenient, efficient, or creative.

Amalfi Coast

It’s true that we only get a finite amount of time on this earth. And it’s true that every day things eat up this time to a frightening degree – cleaning up, buying and preparing food, car and house maintenance, driving here and there. But life is not just what you do with your time – although that’s certainly part of it – it’s also whom you spend it with and what you can build together. I am fortunate in that I have found the person who makes every ridiculous task interesting or worth it, and with whom I want to go new places and try new things, then come home with at the end of the day.

Happy Birthday, Jon. They can have all of Georgia, so long as you’re still mine. =)

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