Working at the Beach (In Almost Freezing Weather)

In Which Our Protagonist Has an Exciting Discovery

Today I learned that I live 15 minutes from the beach. Just 15! And, no major highways or other irritations. Just a short drive down calm roads with very little traffic, since it’s off season. I was excited to bring the beach-crazy kids here this summer, and all through the spring, since we don’t really mind sitting in traffic,  because we are re-watching the first three Alvin and the Chimpmunk movies over and over and over in the car, and are always up for another repetition. (No joke, I do not know what is so compelling, but there is something about those squeaky little voices and mischievous derring-do. Rotten Tomatoes, in their sad, deluded state, does not agree.)

Since the only way to test this out was to actually and spontaneously test it out, I filled up the car tires (they get depressed in the winter because they feel that no one accurately appreciates the extra work going over snow and ice can entail), double-checked my calendar for any meetings that would require me not to be the insane person in the conference call in my Eskimo coat with a very cold sand dune in the background, and headed off to adventure. Eskimo Leanne

If Only I Had Brought Sled Dogs

It is very beautiful here. I had the familiar delight in nature and the ocean when I saw the blue, constantly moving water, and heard the sound of the waves on the beach. I was simultaneously enthused because, at around 36 degrees, I was reasonably certain that the tick population would not be an encumbrance.

Others also flocked to this resort-like location today. For instance, the guy in the park kiosk, who is paid to be there. And, the man I had a brief conversation with in the parking lot. (It went: Can you please move your car, I have to plow snow here. Oh, okay, sure! Vrooooom.)

Worth it Anyway?

So here I am, unable to use my trackpad due to gloves (but I have the fingerless ones, so can type) with a Nemo blanket draped over my legs, perched on a giant cement circle, fully utilizing my iPhone hotspot like it’s never been used  before. I somehow doubt that this particular morning will result in much in the way of work other than responding to emails (serious coding, like most musical instruments, requires thumbs) but, in the immortal words of Tina Turner and some commercial from the early 90s, this is simply the  best.

Photo on 3-7-16 at 10.41 AM

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