Updates from the Garden

This morning, the garden surprised us with teeny baby peppers (I’d rescued some seedlings from our compost bin, but until today, wasn’t entirely sure what they were) and some beans on a plant that I thought had given up the ghost.



The first cherry tomatoes are coming out (although the larger tomatoes are still green):

cherry tomatoes

And our lettuce is still growing, even through the heat – mmm! That is probably the plant we’ve eaten the most of this year, going through a whole packet of seeds (we just finished it up this morning).


(The stem next to the lettuce is a giant sunflower, that snuck into the container back in the spring):


I think our raspberries are done for the season (aww) but hopefully, they’ll be back, along with our new strawberries:


We tossed in a few cucumber seeds this morning, to see if we could still get a few going before the end of the season. It’s been a nice long summer for growing (at least for what our family can eat!) and we’re looking forward to next year. Fall is probably coming just in time, as Maddox, after planting a dozen seeds this morning, told me that he was, “tired of growing food with Mommy” for the day. And it’s only 11am. He’s done so much gardening this year that he’s earned a break! Also, without the motivation of fresh raspberries (he doesn’t care for the tomatoes) it’s not quite as much fun.

I’ve had to admit a few truths about what I will and will not maintain in our garden, and which plants will be better in containers again next year vs. in the yard. I’ve also got to solve our gnat population problem (whenever I bring in houseplants, we get an army of fungus gnats) and am excited to do some seed shopping for the winter and spring for my new birthday grow lights. More on all that later – we’re going back outside to throw water at things and to play with sticks (which, come to think of it, sounds a heck of a lot like what gardening is, too).

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