Playing with Garbage

Maddox and I decided to start off the day by playing with rotting old trash and food bits. Typical Friday.

I read a little about lasagna beds yesterday (essentially, you put down cardboard or newspaper, cover it with organic material, and then you water), which seemed like a lovely, lazy way to start a garden.

We picked a site that was covered in weeds to test just how lazy we could be with this method. Then, we ripped apart some boxes and dumped the contents of our compost bins, which we’ve been adding to all summer, on top.

lasagna bed

We’re going to let the patch sit for a year, and then plant oregano or thyme as ground cover. If it works (i.e. doesn’t totally turn into a revolting, cardboard-y gardening failure), we’ll cover up the rest of the space with lasagna beds and enjoy eating things grown in a space that was previously covered in weeds, followed by trash, which is just cool.

It was a fun but dirty job – you know you’re really making a mess when your three year old insists on a bath after an activity!

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