Laugh and Learn Puppy & Other Stories

It’s a great big colorful world out there!  Everything’s got a color that it can wear. Hand! Green hand!  Yaaaay clap clap clap clap clap.

I am starting to dislike our Laugh and Learn Puppy dog.

Of all our toys that talk, sing, giggle and snort, the Laugh and Learn Puppy is the only one that gets on my nerves. Mainly, this is because the song takes over your mind and repeats itself, over and over.

To put this in perspective, this is including a 2 page story that repeats, “Let’s go out to play; it’s a sunny day!” and “Playtime was such fun; it’s bedtime everyone!” over and over.  And a hoe-down banjo toy.  And a talking octopus with a really snotty voice.

In addition to having numerous voices chasing me around the house (nothing new, they’re just outside of my head now), my emotions are still shot to heck.

During pregnancy, it was normal to cry at ads with saccharine plotlines and books where children were eaten.  (Thanks, Desperate Passage.)  But, Maddox and I watched Tarzan today, and I cried through the first 15 minutes of it.  Baby eaten by tigers?  Parents eaten by tigers and baby left all alone?  Sobs, I tell you.

Possibly, both of these reactions are caused by exhaustion. A friend of mine used to say, “Plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.” This may be true, I don’t know. But if I have to be dead before I get another 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I may have to scare up a couple of tigers and feed them Laugh and Learn Puppy.

But what the hell. It’s a great big colorful world out there (or so I’ve heard) and Mr. Maddox and I are going to go enjoy it.


  1. sarah

    That emotional stuff is something no one tells you about. Everyone knows that you get hormonal and cry when you’re pregnant, but people fail to warn you that it doesn’t go away. You can try to blame it on exhaustion, but my son sleeps through the night and I still cry over stupid stuff. You’ve changed…it will never go back

  2. Michael Robinson

    Hey there Leanne! Just stopping by to check in on an old friend. Good to see you and your family doing well (congratz on mommy-hood!), and nice to see you haven’t given up the World Domination thing.

    Take care!

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