1. A few small things to take into consideration regarding this. Key change. Cadence. Syncopation.

    That’s what makes every single one of those songs unique. Don’t get me started on twelve bar blues.

  2. Jose

    Take it a step further back, and blame the 1790’s! If you listen to the bassline (and extend it to just four more notes), you have Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Don’t believe me?


    See for yourself. It also includes other songs. Crazy stuff!

    peace. love. music. always.

  3. @Jose – ah ha – thanks! I vaguely remembered seeing this, but couldn’t recall the name of the video to include it in the post. Also, I am that lame – I also really like the Canon. =P

  4. @Jesse – yeah, I used to play the guitar, and remembered that some of these songs are in different keys, so fair point. It’s still pretty impressive how many songs seem to fit this pattern, though. =)

  5. Dave F.

    I once played Pachelbel’s Canon at a wedding on guitar. I had to be careful not to get hypnotized by the chords going around and around and around…
    Jesse – true about 12-bar blues (but I love the blues). And it’s still cool to hear all the different things that people do over these same chords.
    I once heard someone take the chords to Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m gonna leave you” and play them to about a dozen different songs.

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