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s_monopoly-houseJon and I have been looking for houses lately, since our rent is going up 25% in August and we figure we might as well take advantage of the $8K tax credit courtesy of the President.

It’s exciting to be thinking about moving into a house, especially now that we officially need that second bedroom for Maddox. But I have to confess: for me, one of the major perks of getting a house is having the opportunity to sort through all of my stuff and get rid of everything that I don’t use.

Jon (and most everybody else) finds this attitude crazy. I don’t blame him, but I still can’t stop myself from twitching with glee when I picture rooting through all my belongings and lightening my load.

black-trash-bag-280x280I can trace this behavior back to my childhood. My father used to encourage us to get rid of our excess “stuff” and would cheer every full trash bag that went out. (Full of possessions, not just trash. He was not that excited about plain trash, although it would have been great if he had been.)

So now, I derive intense satisfaction from hauling out trash bags (and they have to be hefty black ones) full of things I’m ready to part with. My siblings probably have this same complex, but it’s okay, because someone has to support the garbage bag industry.

The bags can be headed for the Salvation Army or to those big yellow clothes collecting bins, or just out to our dumpster. It doesn’t matter. It’s psychologically liberating. Except of course when I realize I’ve tossed out something important in my zeal, and have to go buy a replacement.

roosterDon’t get me wrong – I dig my stuff. I have no sentimentality about belongings, but I have a lot of items that I appreciate, and other items that would be extremely unpleasant to live without.

And, before anyone gets excited about what will be on the curb outside Leanne’s house the day of the move, let me clarify and tell you that the ginormous tv, our laptops and my ceramic rooster cookie jar are coming with me.

But all that other stuff? (Insert delighted teehee here). Hand me that trash bag, we’re just getting started.

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  1. I don’t think you’re crazy at all. We have had several rounds of major purging around here (pre-baby, pre-move, pre2nd baby…) and many, many smaller purges. I love the feeling of getting closer to only owning that which is necessary or special to me.

  2. I agree with you– it’s so liberating paring down your belongings and owning less crap. It kind of makes you realize what’s really important to you. Plus hooray for more space!

  3. I’m with ya! I love purging my stuff. It feels so good when you get rid of an entire bag of old clothes or other chunk of belongings and can actually see into your closet/drawers to get what you actually want/need. I’ve already been doing a ton of purging in anticipation of my August move and I actually can’t wait to do more Purgers of the world unite!

  4. We just moved earlier this month, and it serves as a reminder that the hardest things for me to purge and reorganize are PAPERS. Personal financial documents, health care documents, random papers that for some reason I have to keep, UGH!

    The irony of this, as an attorney, is that so much of that is my lifeblood. I definitely need to bring my much more organized business self into my personal organization.

    I’d be sorting through papers and unpacked boxes right now, but this Internet is just so marvelously fabulous…

  5. And they are the least fun to go through. Lately, I just scan everything, so I can dump it on my computer & use the search function when I need something =P

    It’s tough to bring professional organization into your personal life. There just never seems to be enough time to impose the same sort of order!

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