1. I decided I hated citibank when they sent me a letter in the mail saying essentially, "We might just decide to raise your apr finance % rate to ridiculous levels. If you have a problem with this, feel free to pay off your balance and close your account." They then DID raise my apr finance % rate to a ridiculous level, but right now I can't afford to pay off my balance in one fell swoop. So my finance charge last month (on an account I have never missed a payment on) was $70. Hate hate hate.

    I also hate Amex though, which is a problem because that is my only other credit card. The other day I called to request an increase on my credit limit because i wanted to rent a car and I have rental car insurance on my Amex card. The lady on the phone said no, and then I got a letter in the mail from THEM saying "We denied your request because you have bad credit" (I do not!). They then decided to lower my credit limit TO MY EXACT BALANCE. As in, "your credit limit is now $487.29".
    Hate hate hate!

    ….Sorry for the diatribe! And I'm sorry you've crossed over to the dark side of citibank hating too. Boooooooo.

  2. Clearly it's time to start our own credit card company. Or, to obtain large amounts of cash or gold, so we have no need for credit.

    I like that plan better. Do you know anyone with pirate experience?

  3. Oh my gosh. This is too funny, sort of. Apparently the same thing has happened to me– I logged on to view my balance and got the same message as you that my account may have been compromised and my card is in the mail. My card has not yet arrived though. AND my online balance is now $0. Do you think I could print out a screenshot of this zero balance and use it in court to prove that I no longer owe citibank an obscene amount of high-interest rate money?

  4. Oh no, for the love of god, do not incorrectly enter your security word when attempting to add your new account.

    I think if they can get away with compromising your account numbers, they should automatically return your balance to $0.

    Also funny – I logged on to pay off the transferred funds on the new card, and they asked if I'd like to participate in a survey. I was all ready to, but the survey never loaded, so I did not get the chance to share my awe and delight re: their company.

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