1. Maybe people are nicer because they figure they're outnumbered? You can be all, 'Two on one, bitches! I win!'
    …That's probably not why. I, too, have this strange awe of pregnant ladies. I think it's at least partly because, in the late stages of pregnancy, they just seem so uncomfortable. It's kind of like how I would be nicer to someone who had a bunch of clothespins stuck on their face. You're just like, 'oh, man. That's gotta hurt. Here, cut me in line.' My boss just had a baby, and toward the end of it her feet and ankles were swollen up like footballs and I was just like, 'here, let me get that fax for you, stay where you are.'

  2. Hmm. If I attach a bunch of clothespins to my face as well, perhaps this will inspire people to bring me gifts, like cake. I put together our dresser today, and this might just be the last major exertion for the next couple of months, although I really, really, really want to start gardening for the spring. I'll have to get small pots and bring Jon to carry sacks of soil. Poor Jon. :-P

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