1. Good plan, but through muscle memory I am better equipped to jump over barrels and chase giant monkeys who stole my girlfriend at the top of high buildings.

  2. Funny- I have always been a shoot-em-up game fan, although Pinata Garden, Sims and Harvest Moon are dear to my heart. There is just something so liberating about blowing the heads of aliens (halo) and zombies. Jay and I just bought "Left 4 Dead" yesterday, which is pretty scary because much of it is in the dark and things pop out at you and vomit bile on you. I kept getting mauled by hordes of the "infected" and died when no one came to my rescue. I was also plagued by some pretty graphic dreams after roughly 3 hours of game-time last night. Perhaps we will bring that game with us- I think u can play with 4 people, and we can strategize and rescue each other.

  3. I think I could enjoy these kind of games if I could handle the controls. Flailing around while zombies eat you is kind of a sad experience :-( Perhaps someday I will learn how to turn left while aiming right. On another note, we are excited about your visit! Anything special you want to do?

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