1. Sarah

    I have decided this is your best post ever :) What date will this holiday fall on and can we make sure it is a paid holiday from work please.

  2. What do you think of the third Tuesday in June? It's nice enough out by then that you can spend the day at the beach, but not so hot that the cupcakes will melt. Also, it is a weekday, which is good because what is the point of having a holiday on the weekend.

  3. Dave

    While we're conquering the world, why not take the whole week off? :-D
    …With additional assorted cupcakes distributed in Sarah's honor. :-P

  4. If you take a whole week off when you've just conquered the world, don't you have to be careful that someone else won't conquer it while you're napping? Although, if they are all lulled into a false sense of camaraderie from the piles of cupcakes, perhaps this would work…

  5. Dave

    This could be alleviated with the strategic addition of ice cream to the aforementioned cupcake distribution. Think about it – who wants to change a world that promises cupcakes **AND** ice cream? Even tax hikes would go over well with the promise of chocolate sprinkles for the ice cream. (We'll save the whipped cream for radical policy changes and the like.) Food-based PR strategy for aspiring world-dominators! Conquer Ben & Jerry's first!!!!

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