The Cake is Not a Lie


princess-cakeIn Valve’s game Portal, you are promised cake upon completion of the game. Rumor has it, the cake is a lie, perpetuated by a deranged computer program.

Good news for everyone out there – if you strive to complete new challenges and are unafraid to blast holes in walls with experimental weapons, people WILL eventually give you cake.

True story – I got cake today. It didn’t look exactly like Princess Sabrina’s castle cake pictured above, but it was chocolate with chocolate frosting, and a little chocolate on top. So, clearly, it was better.

Why Do I Get to Be Special?

Although my co-workers do sometimes hand out cake just for fun (not kidding, they should add free cake to the HR benefits), today’s cake had a PURPOSE.

Due to the kindness of management and also from a pile of hard work, I’ve been granted a promotion, which happily includes a new title, new responsibilities, and cake.

What is it I Do, Again?

I’ve been working in projects and operations for this company for a year, and in operations before that. For the most part, I’ve found that projects can be accomplished through organization, networking, and common sense. It also helps if you are kind of OCD – you can kind of get an idea of my loving relationship with Excel from this post.

pmbookI’m reading Project Management for Dummies by Stanley E. Portny so I can get a bit more up to speed. Also, so I have an excuse to create more charts. It’s basic, but full of good information, and it’s helping to fill in the gaps in my project management knowledge.

Next step, Microsoft Project. I’ve tried Basecamp, but I am inexplicably drawn to Gantt charts, a feature that Basecamp currently lacks.

If you think about it, taking over the world is really just one big project to manage. Just for fun, when I complete Dummies, I’ll apply Stanley’s project plan format to world domination and post it.

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  1. My brother has Portal. He showed it to me when he beat it. The song at the end is pretty funny.

    I like the Dummies books, but don't like to spend much money on them. I find that they are useful for subjects I already know a good deal about, because they give me insights and new information that I can apply later — but I wouldn't have liked them as much without having the background knowledge because of an occasional lack of substance/context or because there are times when they are outright wrong.

    Congrats on the promotion/cake.

  2. Thanks :-) Rockband has a version of the Portal song (Still Alive) – I wish they'd include other Jonathan Coulton songs, but so far that's it. Re: the book, true, it's best to have experience to temper what you read.

  3. Yeah, my brother told me that it was in Rock Band. I pretty much do all my video gaming when I visit him. If I had any systems hooked up in here, my productivity would sink. (Considering he visited me for a couple months the summer of the Bar Exam and hooked up his XBox to my TV, it's a wonder I got enough studying done to pass.)

  4. Sarah

    I'm happy for you with the new promotion, but I do have to say that your OCD skills could be applied to another position in the company. You would still enjoy your free cake perks AND have a fabulous boss. She might even be truly outrageous.

  5. It would be nice to work for someone who could create holograms at will, and I imagine that there would be plenty of excuses to use excel (yeah!) but sadly, I do not fit the requirements we discussed earlier. Elementary school math was just too tough. Why do they have to use so many numbers and symbols? And fractions are for people who are too slow to take the whole thing.

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