Motherhood Maternity Store

Normal people clothes don’t fit me anymore. After trying on clothes for about an hour in a store, I realized this, called Jon (who was spending this time in the Apple store), and gave up.

Happily, they have whole stores for pregnant people.

I went to the Motherhood Maternity store, and everything fit.  Even more exciting was the fact that they keep a fake preggo belly in their dressing rooms.  The belly is a big cushy oval with Velcro straps.  I imagine it is there so people can try clothes on and get an idea of how they’ll look in a month or two.

Since I’ve read I’ll be gaining a pound a week or so for the next 4 months, I decided to try the belly on.


It was clearly awesome. Not only did it make me realize that in a couple of months I will be lucky if I can get out of my car (let alone get in behind the wheel) but now I really appreciate the size I currently am, as opposed to the size I am plus a fake preggo belly.

On a related note, since I can already feel a steady stream of kicks and punches, this also makes me wonder how they’ll feel in another month or two when he’s twice the size. Possibly, my stomach will just fall off and he’ll climb out of it like a chicken out of an egg.  That’s actually kind of what I’m hoping for.

Now, if you, too, would like to try on the preggo belly, just take a trip to your local Motherhood Maternity store, snag some clothes off the rack, and sneak a camera into the dressing room.  Then, post a link to the image in the comments.  I dare you.


  1. Sarah

    I distinctly remember telling you how great the fake belly was when I first heard you were prego, but you don't even drop my name in this post. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield "I get no respect"

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