A Boy and His Blob – 20 Years Later

Jon’s been saying that more websites are using flash these days. Not for archaic site intros, but for interactive interfaces like YouTube or Seeqpod.

It’s been awhile since I’ve used Flash, so I thought I’d brush up my skills (or lack thereof). So, I started working on a movie, with the help of an online tutorial.

You’ll be glad to know that after several hours, I finally got my skill level to be about equal to 1989 graphics.

For all of you old school gamers out there who remember the 1989 NES game A Boy and His Blob, this one’s for you:

And if you want to get real nostalgic and listen to the theme song, check out Press the Button’s article – I decided to spare you from embedding it in the flash file after hearing it for the 5th time while editing. Some things are better off not remembered.

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