Chris Brogan’s “the Down and Dirty” suggests Social Media Community is Getting Smarter

Chris Brogan is holding a marketing bootcamp event called “The Down and Dirty,” including practical instructions on how to set up a blog, optimize it, build links and create company profiles.

I’m amazed by this because it shows me the speed that people are learning about social media. Initial social media speaking events all seemed to revolve around interesting but more introductory topics like “What is LinkedIn?” and “The different types of social media sites.”

But now, we have the option to go to an event that will give us the tech side of registering your blog on Technorati or setting up WordPress. Comments on the post discussing the agenda for this event suggest also including advice on metrics, time management and integration with other social media platforms. When did we get so sophisticated? That’s pretty awesome.

I personally keep my tech guy chained up in my loft so he can handle this sort of thing when I get stuck. I don’t use actual chains, just a World of Warcraft account. It’s worked so far, but for those of you without this option (for some reason, companies have trouble providing MMORPG accounts for their employees), I’d suggest you check this out.

My only caution is to be aware of the events scheduled and the pace of the sessions. If you’re someone who is looking for a basic intro to social media, this might not be for you – do some research and find out before signing up. Likewise, if you’re an SEO expert or programmer, this might not be new enough for you.

For anyone in between, especially those of you at companies who are considering implementing social media into your marketing programs, give it a look. Now’s a good time to ask questions and suggest topics – good social media experts are pretty engaged with their communities, and, like Chris, often welcome feedback.

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