Palin is An Unapologetic Force for Good Beacon of Hope Looking for Change.

According to her debate responses, these are Sarah Palin’s weaknesses.

I understand. Being a beacon must be pure hell on cruises, what with the other ships steering into you all the time.

To be fair, let me add that I was tempted to write all about my new warm fuzzy feeling towards Joe Biden tonight, but then he and I had a slight disagreement about gay marriage. We’re still on speaking terms, mostly because of his flashy grin, sexy squint and ability to string coherent thoughts together, but he’s on probation.

Instead, I’m going to point you towards an excellent blog, I Heard Tell by Molly Schoemann. Tonight, she’s watching the VP debate on the big screen, and has promised to report.

I wait with bated breath to hear Molly’s unbiased (I call it this because I agree with her) view of the debate. Personally, I need a cupcake before I can watch any more of this. Sarah Palin’s idea of logic makes me crave comfort foods.


  1. Oh my gosh! Right before the last election I actually had an event I titled “Eat Cupcakes and Watch the Presidential Debate”! Also we drank beer. And it was just me and this other girl, and I think we gossiped more than watched, but still– cupcakes were involved! They were in fact integral.

    I am with you on the reaction to Joe Biden v. Gay Marriage. That was disappointing. The whole theatre went silent when he said that. BUT as you also pointed out, his reactions to Gov. Palin were priceless. And he actually said intelligent things that were also meaningful. So, he won in my book.

  2. You know, I think cupcakes when I think of Sarah Palin. Like, when she told Katie Couric she was “gonna get back to her” with some relevant examples of John McCain supporting any kind of regulation at all, I just assumed she would have written the titles of the bills on cupcakes in frosting and hand delivered them to Katie on a tray. Also there would be a couple of American flag cupcakes thrown in, just cuz.

    Seriously, if she was going to deliver a nuclear ultimatum to Iran, it would come in cupcake form. This is not because she’s a woman, it’s because she is this cartoon of a person who is supposed to have this time-shifting ability to both do the essential and all consuming work of governing and also the crazy-ass uber mom crap I thought most of America gave up in the 70’s when women went to work.

    The essential rules of the universe that we live in state that action takes time. If you want to do something, or some number of things, you have to devote time to them. So, governing, having kids, cooking [remember that she fired the chef at the governor’s mansion in Alaska] all that takes time.

    Apparently, the “we create our own reality” now has extended to the realm of time shifting as well.

  3. Thank you for your fantastic comments. You’ve given me a new idea. I am now going to communicate solely through things written on cupcakes. People will bow to my wishes and dreams because they will not be able to resist the amazingly chocolatey icing.

    I think we have something here.

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