The Father, Son and the Holy Post

On August 26th, my father gave his last sermon prior to retirement from being a pastor for 40 years. Like his many previous sermons, it is thoughtful, truthful, sometimes humorous, and always slightly unsettling when you suddenly find yourself relating to a part of it.

Basically, it’s a good read.

I’d like to thank my Dad for allowing me to post this, and I encourage you to offer comments, all of which will make their way back to Dad. Except the crazy ones. The owners of those will be thoroughly chastised with the wooden pole mentioned in the sermon. (Thwack!)

Without further ado, I invite you to click here to read his sermon, reproduced in its entirety except for our street addresses and a personal part where my father recognizes my mother and her contribution to his life. You have to get the video version to hear that, folks, and it ain’t out yet.

Any typos are mine, as it’s late, and I’ve found that I lack the intrinsic ability to correctly type the word “funerals.” I know it’s disrespectful, but despite that, it still rolls off the fingers as “funderals” every time.


  1. What a lovely sermon! Thank you for sharing it. In these heated political times, when there is a glut of public figures who seem to use religious faith as a cover for their own selfish agendas, it is really bracing (and comforting) to read the thoughtful, nuanced words of an intelligent person who cares about others and reaches out to them through faith.

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