1. $356,050 Soul Dollars. I think I lost a few on the doctor question. I just couldn’t resist.

    “I’m sorry. We tried our best. HONK!”

  2. Stephanie

    My soul is worth a measly $118,080. I mean I thought I’d be worth at least $200,000, at least!

  3. Danielle

    $167,075…I’m obviously not as evil as I thought, I’m going to need some training before helping in your world takeover!

  4. @C: That’s relatively high evil, that thought there. Nobody mentioned KILLING. (Just stealing and kicking and beating people up.) So VIOLENT these days. :-P

  5. Well, it was a measly 98,000 soul bucks before I figured out that I could game the answer. Afterwards, it was worth 199,999,999 soul bucks.

    So, my question is this: If being evil gives you a higher value, and cheating on the test is obviously a little evil, haven’t I actually earned the 199,999,999?

  6. Well, that seems fair but the leap from 98,000 to 199,999,999 is a little high. Maybe you could go out and beat up some little old ladies or set some cars on fire, you know, just to make sure that you’re really earning that extra 199,901,999.

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