1. Sue – Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! After visiting your site, let me return the favor – you provide sound advice, and I enjoyed reading your posts. Keep it up!

    Sondlen – Is there still an IRC? Are you still playing? What’s your AIM name these days?

  2. Donn – I’ve revised your comment to be slightly more pre-K friendly, hope you don’t mind :-P Although, I’m all for it, so let’s definitely do dinner & … you know.

    Posted by: Donn
    http://www.donnsaylor.com | [email protected]

    Sassina My Soul Sister!

    Thank you so much. I often think the only reason I was meant to go back to that hellhole was to meet you. Your bright light saved me in that dark place.

    When are we getting together for lunch, or dinner, or mutual m*******tion to “4-Dice” photos?

    We must very soon. Lunch or dinner, I mean. The m*******tion is entirely optional. :)

    Shit, is this too dirty for your blog? I hope not.

    Love you, doll.

    From Smiting & Unholy-Wrath Management, 2008/07/08 at 9:32 AM

  3. Susan

    Hello – I actually ran across this trying to find something on Ua Lava! Whether this is a made up philosophy OSC created for the context of the book – I don’t know. I just found the concept profound and useful. It goes hand in hand with a buddhist concept I’ve heard all of my life ‘If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, you’re the only one who can change it.’

    I felt strange adopting a mentality from a fictional story but, then again, I was recently given a copy of the Tao of Pooh – so I guess you find those things in life that you really need in weird places!

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