Out of Office Reply

Good morning,

Leanne is out of the office. If you happen to take over the world this week, please be prepared to return it promptly at 8am on August 2nd.

If this is an emergency and you need to contact me, please click your heels together three times, chant a relevant mantra, and hope for the best.

Due to an unprecedented population explosion of inexplicable wildlife, I will be off hunting snarks. It’s their season, you know.

Contrary to popular belief, snarks nullify the effects of time-travel, space-travel and the internet. So, while I’m away, I will not be checking email, facebook, twitter or sundry other high-tech communication devices.

Letters sent via courier pigeon will (as always) reach me and be responded to in kind. European swallows also recommended.

Thank you, and have a terrific week.

– Leanne

Click here for a comprehensive analysis of the elusive snark, which has evolved to emulate the distinctive qualities of the boojum in the interest of self-preservation, much like the viceroy and the monarch butterflies.

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