1. Threadless T Jim

    well, google says it might be original, or not on the web yet – though I did not go beyond Page 1.

    I wonder if you reversed it though – a picture of a guy with a big juicy green burger “People Are Delicious” and on the back a Styrofoam container (like the old McD’s ones they had) and Soylent Green there?

    Worry about Copyright issues after the millions come rolling in.

    I will always accept free oils – just find a safer way to find them than lighting boxes on fire method you proposed.

  2. Well, that’s a good sign. Copyright laws are so much fun, we definitely had to take them into account for our last business (making personalized lamps) and just the thought of returning to that research gives me shivers. These are not delightful shivers, they are closer to pure terror.

    Re: the oils, you may have a point there. I will put it on my list to search for them, and avoid using fire, sharp objects or heavy machinery.

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