1. I’m concerned that I may have too many vestigial moral concepts, foisted on me by “society.” Will these interfere with my attempts at world domination? How can I eliminate them?

  2. John

    I’m undecided about where the best place for my base of unspeakable evil should be located. Do I go for the far side of the Moon, or deep underwater ?

  3. While attempting to conquer the world, I find my plans ruined by others’ foolish plans to dominate the said world. Obviously we’re facing a resource conflict here. Normally, I would slay said other, but it seems that the number is increasingly rising. While I have attempted to destroy the entire population, I find myself hesitant to pull the trigger as why conquer a dead world?

    That question was rhetorical, don’t answer that, on pain of death… My question for you is this: if I were to populate another, better, world, let’s say, New Chris World, and then conquer that world, is that considered cheating in the sense that by creating all the life I then later demoralize and conquer, have I truly dominated the world if the new life didn’t really have a chance to rebel (given that I’ve removed that gene during the incubation period)?

  4. Why? Because I want to make sure you are not alone on your quest for WD… and that the secret will be mastery of the Media… Eat or be eaten.

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