Minimalism is Now

I love the idea of minimalism, in moderation. Tiny houses and jars full of whispers aside, for me, minimalism is: Keeping and cherishing only what is beautiful and useful to you Experiences over possessions Spending your time carefully Despite a small, guerilla marketing campaign to convince people otherwise, I’m not perfect. and I have a … [Read more…]

It Follows

Recently, my husband and I watched the “psychological horror film” It Follows. Just kidding. Ever since viewing The Ring back in 2002 and then going to the public bathrooms at 3am only to find the tile floor covered in water that was obviously from a reanimated dead girl and not just from an overzealous showerer, I … [Read more…]

8 Hours a Day

In some religion (or possibly a court resolution from the Industrial Revolution), it says that you should have 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of play each day to live a perfectly balanced life. I’ve always scoffed at this interpretation of reality, possibly because my belief structure has always been … [Read more…]

Return to Sweet Valley High: A Retrospective of Truly Excellent Literature

Like many misguided children, I used to read the Sweet Valley Twins books. They weren’t ever going to give Katherine Paterson or Madeline L’Engle a run for their money when it came to great children’s literature, but they were entertaining and gossipy and fun. I mean, who would not want to read about ballet and … [Read more…]